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Cytotec (misoprostol) is a very efficient treatment used to prevent the formation of ulcers. It is used by people on certain medications known to produce this side effect. Since Cytotec must absolutely not be taken by pregnant women (unless the doctor prescribed it to induce labor), you should discuss with your health care provider the methods of birth control you are going to use. Some of them may fail, so it's a good idea to use two methods at the same time. If you think you may have taken too much of this drug and experience symptoms as diarrhea, convulsions, fever, abdominal pain, intestinal discomfort, tremors, breathing difficulty and slowed heartbeat seek emergency medical assistance and do not forget to mention you have taken Cytotec, and how much of it, if that's possible. If you notice bloody or black stools, or start vomiting blood, stop taking Cytotec and consult your health care provider immediately over the phone or in person. You are supposed to take this medicine for the full course of treatment with aspirin of other NSAIDs even if you do not experience any stomach discomfort.

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